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BLACK OPS Alpha Strike

BLACK OPS Alpha Strike
BLACK OPS Alpha Strike BLACK OPS Alpha Strike BLACK OPS Alpha Strike BLACK OPS Alpha Strike BLACK OPS Alpha Strike BLACK OPS Alpha Strike
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ALPHA STRIKE is a is a set of five high quality resin figures equipped with multi-peice Lance Carbine Weapons. Designed for quick and easy assembly but with plenty of optional parts to customise the figures.

Option - you can choose to equip ALPHA STRIKE with other weapons using the drop down Menu, which will reduce the price.

The most experinced and battle hardened Black Ops troopers are assigned to special veteran fireteam units known as Alpha Strike. They are trained to use the highly specialised "Lance Carbine" weapon, a carbine combined with a powerful compact energy weapon. Alpha Strike Teams are assigned to annihilate the toughest enemy targets where swift and total destruction is nessecary.

The kit contains -

5 Unique Figures - 7 head options plus extra equipment and optional parts.

Lance Carbine Squad Pack with all options - 4 upper weapons and 3 mags per trooper, total 45 weapon components, The guns are fully magnet ready - or use Blu-Tac to swap the weapon tops over between games.

Features -

Sergeant with decorative Winged Helmet and armoured Collar - pointing arm is a separate component so an alterative arm can be fitted if desired.

1 trooper with separate arms and shoulder pads - can be equipped with alternative weapons if desired, such as our range of heavy weapons (sold separately).


Gaming Bases are not supplied with this kit, as we want to keep the price as low as possible for people who wish to supply the base themselves. You can add a set of five Anvil Gaming Bases using the drop down menu, at a significant discount against purchasing them separately.

This product is not a toy, it is  supplied unpainted, and will require some preparation and assembly with superglue. For further guidance, the Anvil Industry guide “Working with Resin” can be found at the bottom of the page.

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