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Products in this category are 3d printed to order in stunning 8k high resolution on our in-house machines!

Over time we will release sculpts from the Digital Forge here, but not where they are already available in cast resin, likely to be in cast resin soon, or if we think they are not likely to sell in high enough volumes (there is an amount of work required to get them ready).

If there is a specific set you are interested in from Digital Forge, feel free to contact us, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to release it here. We also cannot do low volume prints of specific items, it's just not viable for us.

Because we do not hold stock, orders of 3d print-on-demand products will take longer to fulfil than cast resin orders, we estimate the lead time to be up to 2 weeks.

Like cast resin, any assembly needs to be done using super glue, we suggest dry fitting first to check you are happy with the pose.

Whilst support structures have been removed for your convenience, there may be a few small surface imperfections that need removing or fixing, where possible we have used supports in places that are less visible on the completed model.

We have quality-checked the prints to our usual standards, but in the unlikely event you have an issue with any part you have received, please get in touch at and we will resolve it.

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