Red Army Inspired Regiments
Conversion Corner Sentinel Diorama Adam, from the Anvil studio team, has created an army inspired by WW2 Soviet troops, take a look at what he did and the parts he used.
Conversion Corner #24: Sentinel Dioramas
Conversion Corner Sentinel Diorama Anvil’s parts are often focused on as the base for the creation of an army of Regiment miniatures and/or the addition of extra parts on to other company’s miniatures to give them your own unique flair and style. Today we're focusing on the latter application of our parts with some custom Sentinels from Games Workshop.
Design a Miniature Competition -Shortlist and Public Vote!
Miniature Design Competition Back in May, just before the launch of the Digital Forge, we asked people to submit a design for an original miniature! We had a large number of high-quality entries and the overall quality was excellent, making it very difficult to select concepts to shortlist!
When will Digital Forge products be available in resin? and other questions, answered!
Miniature Design Competition We've recently launched the Anvil Digital Forge on Patreon, and we are very grateful for the fantastic support we have received so far! It's a new direction for us, and we understand a lot of our existing fans have concerns and questions, which we will try to cover here.
Digital Forge Launch - Design a Miniature Competition!
Miniature Design Competition To celebrate the upcoming launch of Anvil Digital Forge, we are offering an opportunity to design an original Regiments or Burning Rose Character figure and win some great prizes!
Anvil Studio Gaslands Cars
Gaslands Conversions Back in August last year we launched our new Gaslands conversion range! Prior to the launch we held a Gaslands activity day with some friends to create some example models, using both our new Gaslands parts and bitz from our regiments range.
Regiments Commissar Concept Art
Regiments Commissar Concept Art During 2019 we released several Commissar/Platoon Commander figures, each designed to compliment different popular styles within the Regiments heroic scale miniatures line. Today, we would like to share with you some of the concept art which was used during their development.
Exo-Lord Assembly Tips
Assembly Tips for Exo-Lord Heroic Scale Miniatures Liam takes a close up look at how the new modular Exo-Lord super heroic scale miniatures fit together.
Exo-Lords: Concept Art and Design
Exo-Lord Power Armoured Heroic Scale Miniatures Revamping our entire Exo-Lord range was an exciting (and slightly daunting!) prospect. Although we’ve stayed close to the original 'tactical sci-fi' aesthetic, improved manufacturing techniques and moving up to a larger scale meant the new models could attain a higher level of detail than was previously possible.
Daughters of the Burning Rose - Launch Info and scale comparison
In April 2018, we launched a Kickstarter project to fund the creation of the Daughters of the Burning Rose, a new range of gothic medieval warrior women crafted with the finest resin casting methods.