Blog posts of '2016' 'October'

Afterlife Showcase : The Unity Guard

A closer look at the Unity Council's elite internal security organisation, tasked with garrisoning Unity Council facilities, protecting high ranking personnel and crushing internal dissent

Brush Tip : Crates and Boxes

We paint up some Crates and Boxes using simple techniques, with a step by step guide

The Making of the Beast Chapter 3

In the final chapter of the Werewolf series, Joel runs us through the print process and casting, in the last steps to bring you a resin product.

The Making of the Beast Chapter 2

In this post, I'll document the work I've done to take the basic T-Pose to a finished sculpt, ready for 3D printing

The Making of the Beast

With Halloween coming up fast, we decided to make a special miniature - a terrifying Werewolf, designed to fit in a huge range of games and settings, or simply make a great painting project!