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The Living Saints. The Risen Martyrs.  The Daughters of The Burning Rose. 

The Daughters of The Burning Rose has some of the best character models available! Each one is a fantastically devoted opponent of evil and heresy, ready to burn the galaxy with holy fire!

From huge, supernatural beings like The Arch Angel and Death, to humble mortal servants like The Blacksmith or The Plague Doctor- your army can have a fantastic mix of character models to fulfill any support, command, or combat role you need! 

Character minis deserve the most attention, and we've pulled out all the stops for your champions- making some of the best minis Anvil Industry has to offer.

Is there anything better than a puppy? How about a robot puppy! Give your character a Cyhound or two to keep them company, and to tear out the throats of the unbelievers. 

Accessories? Yep! Wings, Techno-Skull Familiars, Animal Companions- Whatever you need to make your Character Models look awesome!

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