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Conversion Corner: Renegade Ogre

Conversion Corner: Renegade Ogre

Author: Anvil Staffer Adam

The larger-than-life proportions of the Regiments Ogres provide the perfect canvas for some conversion work! I wanted to use parts from the Digital Forge to create a Renegade Ogre, the beauty of this is that all of our digital sculpts can be scaled easily before printing.

The legs, torso and arms of the model are cast resin from the Ogre range. 

The head, shoulder pad & hands with weapons are printed on our studio Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k (an incredibly good quality printer!). These are the sets they came from:

All of them were imported into Blender with the matching Ogre bits and scaled up until they were approximately the correct scale. If you are not familiar with Blender, a number of slicing programs will allow you to scale the imported STL as well.

After printing everything was cleaned up, we can’t stress how much a good cleaning process really helps with the details on 3d prints, check out our blog post for tips on printing.

Wargaming Ogre Conversion

Then the trim / arrows were added, made from 0.25mm plasticard, here the big armour plates of the Ogre torso provide a great surface for customisation. After this everything got weathered / battle damaged with a scalpel and a small drill bit.

Trench Ogre Miniature Conversion

The photo above shows the assembled mini, the 3d printed and cast resin parts fit together well, but I still went around and filled all visible gaps with Milliput, it’s always worth spending some time on this, as it will improve the results when you get around to painting.

Trench bases for wargaming miniatures

For the base, I picked a 50mm base as I wanted to show off as much trench-related stuff as possible. The shell crater was made first with air drying clay, then I glued strips of wood after weathering them with a scalpel. After most of the base was covered, I carefully cut along the edge and sanded it smooth.

Finally I added sand to fill the remaining surface and any large gaps.

Renegade Trench Ogre Miniature Conversion

There we go, a Renegade Ogre storming the trenches, made using a mix of cast and printed parts! Hopefully this gives you some ideas for converting miniatures, a lot of character can be added to your squads to give each mini a story. If you give it a go don't forget to share on social media with #AnvilIndustry

Renegade Trench Ogre Miniature Conversion

The brass etch minefield warning sign is from PK-Pro:

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3/8/2022 9:09 PM
Wonderfully done!
4/17/2022 1:16 PM
This is a great conversion. Could I ask what scale you made the head and weapon hands to fit the ogre. As I would love to do similar.
4/18/2022 7:24 AM
I just imported one of the original Ogre heads and hands into Blender alongside the new heads and weapons, and scaled them until they looked right!