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Daughters of the Burning Rose - Launch Info and scale comparison

Daughters of the Burning Rose - Launch Info and scale comparison

In April 2018, we launched a Kickstarter project to fund the creation of the Daughters of the Burning Rose, a new range of gothic medieval warrior women crafted with the finest resin casting methods.

It was by far Anvil Industry's most ambitious design and manufacturing project, and with the help of over 700 very patient backers, we made the range a reality!


We are now delighted to make the entire range available for retail sale, including for the first time separate sprue products and some new characters and options.

The Burning Rose range contains more than 30 extremely detailed character models covering a range of themes and battlefield roles.

We also designed fully modular infantry models with rifle, melee and support variants. There are over 50,000 unique combinations of basic armour and equipment, not including the many specialist weapons.

We have designed the product categories and squad builders to be as clear as possible, but if anything looks incorrect or unclear, please get in touch at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Scale Comparison

The scale of the range is "28mm heroic", with a typical Daughter standing 31mm tall to the top of head, and 28mm to eye line. All the Infantry parts are interchangeable with our female regiments models, and are a similar build and proportions, though the armour obviously adds some bulk.

You can be confident that any Daughters product you order will be of the higest quality, but we know scale/proportions can be tricky given the many different manufacturers with different standards.

Clear comparison photos are best, so here we compare the new models to our existing ranges and some selected miniatures from other companies. Other companies miniatures are used without permission for the purpose of scale comparison.

Above Left to right : Male Regiments Figure, Daughter of the Burning Rose with Phase Arquebus, Female Regiments Figure.

Above Left to right : Corpse Grinder Cultist©Games Workshop Ltd, Old Black Ops Exo-Lord (now OOP), Daughter of the Burning Rose, NEW Exo-Lord (Coming soon!)

Above Left to right : Male Regiments Figure, Cadian Guardsman©Games Workshop Ltd, Daughter of the Burning Rose, Tactical Marine©Games Workshop Ltd

Left to right : Davidian©Raging Heroes. Escher Ganger©Games Workshop Ltd. Daughter of the Burning Rose

Recent/Upcoming Games Workshop Releases

From measuring photos, we estimate that the recently released/upcoming Medieval Warrior Women from Games Workshop (on 32mm bases) are approximately 35mm to the top of head, in line with GW’s recent upscaling of newer models. This makes them a little larger than our DBR range and the two ranges may look out of proportion if customers wish to mix them in the same force. This is less likely to be an issue with some of our character models like the Arch Angel, Saint & Martyr, and War Machine, where differences will be less obvious.


We hope you like our new range! We are going to be working on other big projects (like the Exo-Lords above) for the next 6 months, but we hope to return to the Daughters range in 2020 with some new miniatures and options!

We would love your suggestions for new models, or photos of your painted miniatures!

Thanks from everybody at Anvil Industry

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11/30/2019 5:25 PM
Very exciting range and a great addition to female model ranges sci-fi and otherwise. Order placed.
12/1/2019 7:47 PM
That exo-lord... can't wait!

Really cool and looking forward to getting mine. Keep up the great work!
12/8/2019 11:19 PM
Love these figures so much! I also have loads of suggestions, so sorry for the wall of text to follow:

More mages. Love the look of the Lightning Mage, and I think both a third to fit the rule of three and some different elemental alignments would be a great expansion to the line.

Some ideas I've had include an Earth mage rising from the ground, wreathed in plants and flowers with aninal familiars, either natural, undead or cyborg depending on assembly, a snarling with rage fire mage holding a fireball ready to toss, maybe with a couple of flame wreathed melee weapons to equip other daughters with to show her magically enhancing those around her, an ice mage looking cold and emotionless as she slings icicle javelins, Night King from GoT style and finally Death mages, in a similar style to the Death HQ unit, hooded with optional death masks, weilding sickles, hooked chains or sharpened shovels.

One of your best models is the Daemon Hunter, so more like her would be great, both thematically and design wise.

Other specialist heroes like an Elf Fighter, Orc Hunter, Giant Killer, Witch Finder or Vampire Slayer could be diverse in appearence and armourment while having a similar kind of heroic champion vibe.

Cloaks and furs of monsters they've slain, ornate adornments to memorialise their adventures, exotic or even brutish weapons taken from their foes, and ornate helms to either acknowlege the strength of or strike fear in the hearts of the foes theyve dedicated their lives to besting. Also if you do a Vampire Slayer, you've got to give her a halberd that's an axe on one end and a stake on the other, like the Scythe from Buffy, and maybe a drum fed automatic crossbow.

Something completely differet would be mechanised cavalry. Robot horse mounts with Daughters wielding shields, lances, ranged and melee weapons would be unique and able to fit in either a renaissance fantasy setting or baroque sci fi universe just as easily. I'd personally go with deer instead of horses though, both to set them apart and give a bit more of a unique look. Perhaps optional heads, to give the buyer choice?

Also, of course, you could have a Pegasus Knight as an HQ unit, although a slightly more unique and interesting option would be a Hippogriff, possibly two headed, which would of course be easier to make look intimidating and work well with the eagle iconography already in the line and common in others.

If you do do cavalry, modeling the mounts with Caparison, the heavy protective robes Knight's mounts would wear, always looks excellent to me and would match very nice alongside the aesthetic the daughters have.

There's even unused concept art of these kind of units in the Daughters artbook that look awesome and would be a great starting point.

Finally some additional parts I'd like to see for the current sister squads:

More wing options: Skeleton Wings, Dragon Wings, Bat Wings, Fire Wings, Lightning Bolt Wings and Crystal Wings are all something I would buy in a heartbeat

Robed arms. You currently do robed heads, torsos and legs, but not arms. Even if you just added the existing female robed cultists arms as an option, I'd be happy enough.

Heads and helmets with more nun like Wimple and Hood, both the modern classic catholic nun look, and the tighter rounded, less ornate medieval style would look great, especially with the robed body options.

A choice of either 25mm or 32mm bases for everything. A bigger base can either help set character models apart, or give you more room to work with when adding customised detail, so having the choice either way would be hugely appreciated.
4/8/2020 8:42 AM
Just want to say you're one of my FAVORITE after market, no, independent Miniatures sellers I know!

I shop at over two dozen after market sites, and I always love what you guys do! Cheers to Joel and the team!