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Regiments Commissar Concept Art

Regiments Commissar Concept Art

During 2019 we released several Commissar/Platoon Commander figures, each designed to compliment different popular styles within the Regiments heroic scale miniatures line. Today, we would like to share with you some of the concept art which was used during their development.

Armoured Commissar Concept Art Wargamming

The first (and most popular!) character model is the Armoured Commissar. We knew he wanted a dynamic pose to stand out as a Commanding Officer and wearing that much armour, it was clear he would not be afraid to lead from the front. The trailing greatcoat serves to emphasise the feeling of motion; charging forward, preparing to smite his enemies with his heavy powered fist.

Jungle Commisssar Concept Artwork Wargaming

Our Jungle Fighters range are characterised by bulging muscles and a carefree attitude to self-preservation, and of course their Commissar would have to exemplify this. Tearing the sleeves of the ubiquitous greatcoat was an important start, and then designing an appropriately oversized weapon for him to wield. At some point during the sculpting process we decided to include an optional bionic leg; it just seemed to fit with the heroic persona that was emerging!

Dress Uniform Female Commisssar Concept Artwork Wargaming

A more stern and commanding female Commissar was wanted to lead our Dress Uniform troops, so a static pose but ready to move into action worked best. The opulent trim reinforces her status and rank, and the flared greatcoat adds some dramatic flair. Of course, the question remains: is she drawing her pistol to execute the enemy, or a disobedient underling?

Renegade Commisssar Concept Artwork Wargaming

Keeping control of rebellious renegade soldiers requires a suitably imposing Commander, hence the leering gasmask, and brutal, spiked chain-axe. Once again, keeping a static, planted stance lends an air of authority, whilst the ragged chainmail and chunky, riveted armour plates let you know that they’re probably not one of the good guys!

Skeleton Undead Commisssar Concept Artwork Wargaming

This year’s Halloween release contained a number of components to turn regular Regiments figures into undead servants of darkness! Alongside these, an undead Commissar was a must; a grinning skull with the peaked cap and greatcoat was too sinister to pass up. The book of necromancy to keep his skeletal minions on their feet seemed like a pragmatic addition, as well as giving our sculptors the chance to have fun with spell effects.

Check back again soon for some more concept art, including some sneak previews of upcoming Regiments Characters!

-Anvil Studio Team

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2/10/2020 8:19 AM
These are beautiful.