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Werewolf Painting Competition Results

Werewolf Painting Competition Results

We’ve had some fantastic entries for our Werewolf Painting competition, and it’s been tough to pick winners, but it's time to dish out some prizes!

First up, the grand prize (£40 voucher) goes to James, for a great Werewolf paint combined with a superb display base which blends with the models colours to create an impressive display.

For our “most interesting” we had two very close contenders, but the £30 voucher prize goes to Cylde for this entry, which combines bright colours with some really cool conversions using our Mechanical arm set, which nicely matches the mechanical parts on the wolf.

Our runner up prize (£20 voucher) goes to Stu for this beast with glowing eyes.

We decided to have 2 prizes for taking part, because we're nice like that, and we are giving a £10 prize voucher to both of them.

Callum painted up this more human looking Werewolf, we think the skin tone contrasts nicely with the fur.

And a very close contender for “most interesting” was this intimidating winged entry from Andy.

Thanks very much to all our entrants! We enjoyed seeing your work, and will be holding more painting competitions through the year.

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