Regiments Magnet Pack (25) - 1mm Diameter x 1mm Height

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A Pack of 25 Neodymium Magnets - Each Magnet is 1mm in diameter and 1mm thick.

THIS IS THE ONE MM DIAMETER PRODUCT - We also offer a larger 2mm version which is stronger/better for most things, this product is for our Regiments Specialist weapons and similar very small magnet tasks.

You can use these magnets with a 1mm drill bit, to attach components on your miniatures with magnets, allowing them to be removed and swapped between games. When using the magnets, be sure to test before glueing to check the Polarity is correct (i.e you are glueing the magnet the right way round!)

Please note the following Important Warnings from our supplier - 

  • Nickel coated.
  • Keep away from Heart Pacemakers.
  • Two magnets will shatter if they fly together.
  • If children swallow these magnets, they could attract inside the intestines and require surgery.
  • Keep away from TVs, Ipods and Hard Drives.
  • Keep at least 10mm away from credit/debit cards.

This product is not a toy, it is not suitable for children, Magnets will need to be glued in place with super glue - be careful to match up Polarities correctly.

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