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Afterlife tells the story of a society torn apart by civil war after the collapse of the Unity Council; a monolithic global governing body created almost two hundred years previously to lead humanity toward a bright and peaceful future.

After decades of brutal oppression by its ruling elites, the Unity Council’s authority collapsed in the face of a popular uprising and the secession of dozens of major corporations to form the new Pan Continental Republic.

Now the planet burns. Sprawling hyper-cities, built for a world of prosperity, have become lethal war zones. Corporations, emergent governments, resistance movements and criminal elements engage in an escalating conflict for power, wealth or simply survival.

Earth is a battlefield. What will you fight for?

UPDATE: It has been a number of years since we launched Afterlife, and our plans to expand the game didn't quite fall into place! We are very proud of the miniatures and universe we created, but have to concede that the game did not gain enough traction to go beyond cult status.

As such we are currently reviewing the future of the game, and will most likely be resculpting the miniatures to fit better with the modular system used by our Regiments and Exo-Lord lines. We then hope to release a more open ruleset that incorporates everything we make and allows for complete customisation of your forces!

The Afterlife narrative will be fully playable within the new game, which means that the forces you have already built will still be able to be used!

This will also make the whole miniatures range much more cross-compatible with other gaming systems and miniatures.

We hope you like our plans for the future, but if you have any specific feedback, ideas or questions please do get in touch:

V1.3 rules download:

Character rules:

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