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Unity Council Unity Guard Squad (6)

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The Unity Guard is the Council's elite internal security organisation, tasked with garrisoning Unity Council facilities, protecting high ranking personnel and crushing internal dissent. Members of the Unity Guard are drawn from the most loyal and fanatical supporters, and undergo further training and indoctrination to ensure their unwavering obedience. In the aftermath of the Cataclysm, the Unity Guard has expanded its reach and man power, using ever more brutal tactics to crush the Councils enemies within the walls of the Hyper-Cities.

This set contains Six Unity Guard, including one figure with a Flame Thrower.

These finely detailed resin miniatures can be assembled in a variety of unique poses. Each assembled Guardsman is approximatly 30.5mm tall.

Contents -

  • Six Leg parts, all unique poses.
  • Six torsos, all unique poses.
  • Extra rubble/debris parts for decorating bases.


This product is not a toy and is unsuitable for under 14's. They are supplied unpainted, and will require some preparation and assembly with super glue.

We recommend testing the poses and assembly of each miniature in the set before glueing in place. Some components can be left unglued, be magnetised or held in place with Blu-Tac or similar to allow weapon changes.

For further guidance please see the "Working with Resin" guide at the bottom of the page.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Scale28mm True
StyleUnity Council (UC)
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