Chainsaw Bayonets (6)

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Set of 6 Chainsaw Bayonets, approx 15mm long, new CAD sculpt of our popular classic.

Suitable for use with our range of Exo-Lord scale guns (Widow Maker/Exorcist etc) and similar 28mm Heroic scale weapons. Could also be used with our Regiments guns but would be very large!

Assembly Notes-  The Chainsaw Bayonets and various other planned components are all designed to slot 'over' the hand holding the Rifle, Due to the heroic proportions of Exo-Lord hands, the attachments will often not fit over the hand perfectly, but altering the components to fit is straight forward-

The easiest way to assemble the weapons/attachments is the glue the figure with gun together, but not the legs or base, then test fit the attachment and shave bits off where the component glues to the hand, until it fits smoothly and can be aligned with the weapon barrel correctly. You will also sometimes need to remove the rear upright that would attached behind the hand next to the weapon magazine.

This product is not a toy and is unsuitable for under 14's. They are supplied unpainted, and will require some preparation and assembly with super glue.

We recommend testing the poses and assembly of each miniature in the set before glueing in place. Some components can be left unglued, be magnetised or held in place with Blu-Tac or similar to allow weapon changes.

For further guidance please see the 'Working with Resin' guide at the bottom of the page.

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