Regiments Custom Missile Support Squad (6 Figures)

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  • Field Caps
    Field Caps
  • Side Caps
    Side Caps
  • Stahlhelm Veteran
    Stahlhelm Veteran
  • Brodie Veteran
    Brodie Veteran
  • Balaclava
  • Ballistic Visor Helmet
    Ballistic Visor Helmet
  • PMC Baseball Cap
    PMC Baseball Cap
  • Beret Veteran
    Beret Veteran
  • Beret/Gasmask Veteran
    Beret/Gasmask Veteran
  • Boonie Hats
    Boonie Hats
  • Bulletproof Masks
    Bulletproof Masks
  • Jungle Fighter
    Jungle Fighter
  • Jungle Fighter Helmeted
    Jungle Fighter Helmeted
  • Long Hair
    Long Hair
  • Short Hair
    Short Hair
  • Shaved Heads
    Shaved Heads
  • Ops Core - Tactical
    Ops Core - Tactical
  • Ops Core - Full Face Mask
    Ops Core - Full Face Mask
  • Ops Core - Night Vision Goggles
    Ops Core - Night Vision Goggles
  • PASGT Helmets - Open Faced
    PASGT Helmets - Open Faced
  • PASGT with Balaclava
    PASGT with Balaclava
  • PASGT with Gasmask
    PASGT with Gasmask
  • Private Military Contractors
    Private Military Contractors
  • PMC Helmeted
    PMC Helmeted
  • Night Vision Goggles
    Night Vision Goggles
  • SAS Gasmasks
    SAS Gasmasks
  • Tactical Beards
    Tactical Beards
  • Watch Caps
    Watch Caps
  • Respirator Masks
    Respirator Masks
  • Welding Mask Heads
    Welding Mask Heads
  • Hazmat Heads
    Hazmat Heads
  • Skull Heads
    Skull Heads
  • Skulls with Stahl Helmets
    Skulls with Stahl Helmets
  • Adrian Helmet
    Adrian Helmet
  • Adrian Helmet with Gasmask
    Adrian Helmet with Gasmask
  • Bearskin Cap
    Bearskin Cap
  • Bearskin Cap with Visor
    Bearskin Cap with Visor
  • Belgic Shako
    Belgic Shako
  • Brodie Helmet
    Brodie Helmet
  • Brodie Helmet with Gasmask
    Brodie Helmet with Gasmask
  • Brodie Helmet Gladiator
    Brodie Helmet Gladiator
  • Cavalry Helmet
    Cavalry Helmet
  • Dress Uniform Officer Heads [+$0.65]
    Dress Uniform Officer Heads [+$0.65]
  • Parade Cap
    Parade Cap
  • Pickelhaube Helmet
    Pickelhaube Helmet
  • Pickelhaube with Shock Mask
    Pickelhaube with Shock Mask
  • Pith Helmet
    Pith Helmet
  • Pith Helmet with Gasmask
    Pith Helmet with Gasmask
  • Sallet
  • Stahlhelm
  • Stahlhelm Deathmask
    Stahlhelm Deathmask
  • Stahlhelm Gasmask
    Stahlhelm Gasmask
  • Irregular Trencher
    Irregular Trencher
  • Trencher Officer Heads [+$0.65]
    Trencher Officer Heads [+$0.65]
  • Tricorne Hat
    Tricorne Hat
  • Turban
  • Ushanka
  • Ushanka Soft Gasmask
    Ushanka Soft Gasmask
  • Ushanka Visor Mask
    Ushanka Visor Mask
  • Hooded Cultist Heads
    Hooded Cultist Heads
  • Hooded Cultist Heads with Gamask
    Hooded Cultist Heads with Gamask
  • Hooded Cultists with Half Masks
    Hooded Cultists with Half Masks
  • Hooded Masquerade Heads
    Hooded Masquerade Heads
  • Empty Hoods
    Empty Hoods
  • Alien Hybrid Heads
    Alien Hybrid Heads
  • Bionic Heads
    Bionic Heads
  • Bionic Skull with Respirator
    Bionic Skull with Respirator
  • Bionic Skulls
    Bionic Skulls
  • Council Marine Helmet
    Council Marine Helmet
  • Gothic Void Helmet
    Gothic Void Helmet
  • Medieval Helmet
    Medieval Helmet
  • Zombie Civilian Heads
    Zombie Civilian Heads
  • Zombie Modern Military Heads
    Zombie Modern Military Heads
  • Zombie Heads with Stahl Helmets
    Zombie Heads with Stahl Helmets
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  • Fatigues / Webbing
    Fatigues / Webbing
  • Light Armour
    Light Armour
  • Heavy Armour
    Heavy Armour
  • PMC Body Armour
    PMC Body Armour
  • Militia
  • Load Vest
    Load Vest
  • Jungle Fighter
    Jungle Fighter
  • Armoured Plate Carrier
    Armoured Plate Carrier
  • Medium Armour
    Medium Armour
  • Gothic Void Torso (Plain Back)
    Gothic Void Torso (Plain Back)
  • Gothic Void Torso
    Gothic Void Torso
  • Cross Belt
    Cross Belt
  • Cuirass
  • Hussar
  • Medieval Armour Torso
    Medieval Armour Torso
  • Open Greatcoat
    Open Greatcoat
  • Closed Greatcoat
    Closed Greatcoat
  • Trench Irregular
    Trench Irregular
  • Winter Greatcoat
    Winter Greatcoat
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  • Boilersuit Renegade
    Boilersuit Renegade
  • Robed Cultist
    Robed Cultist
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  • PMC
  • Militia
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  • Short Greatcoat
    Short Greatcoat
  • Long Greatcoat
    Long Greatcoat
  • Fatigues
  • Armoured
  • Dress Uniform
    Dress Uniform
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  • Phase Rifle
    Phase Rifle
  • Tesla Disintegrator
    Tesla Disintegrator
  • Drum Mag Assault Carbine
    Drum Mag Assault Carbine
  • Assault Carbine
    Assault Carbine
  • Crisis SMG
    Crisis SMG
  • Renegade Rifle
    Renegade Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle [+$1.30]
    Sniper Rifle [+$1.30]
  • M16
  • Renegade Shotgun
    Renegade Shotgun
  • Combat Shotgun
    Combat Shotgun
  • Enforcer Shotgun
    Enforcer Shotgun
  • MP5 / MP5SD
    MP5 / MP5SD
  • AR-15 (separate)
    AR-15 (separate)
  • M4 / M16
    M4 / M16
  • AK-47
  • AK-107
  • LVOA
  • M249 SAW [+$1.47]
    M249 SAW [+$1.47]
  • MG-42 [+$1.47]
    MG-42 [+$1.47]
  • Bren Gun [+$1.47]
    Bren Gun [+$1.47]
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  • AR-15 Arms
    AR-15 Arms
  • Bullpup Rifle Arms (Mixed)
    Bullpup Rifle Arms (Mixed)
  • P90 Arms
    P90 Arms
  • KSG Arms
    KSG Arms
  • SA80 Arms
    SA80 Arms
  • G36 Arms
    G36 Arms
  • Tavor Arms
    Tavor Arms
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  • Bolt Action Rifles
    Bolt Action Rifles
  • Phase Carbines
    Phase Carbines
  • Trench Shotguns
    Trench Shotguns
  • M1 Garands
    M1 Garands
  • Mosin Rifles
    Mosin Rifles
  • Aquebus (5)
    Aquebus (5)
  • Phase Arquebus (5)
    Phase Arquebus (5)
  • Crossbows (5)
    Crossbows (5)
  • Gothic Assault Rifle (5)
    Gothic Assault Rifle (5)
  • Tesla Coil (5)
    Tesla Coil (5)
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  • Armoured
  • Jungle Fighter
    Jungle Fighter
  • Militia (PMC)
    Militia (PMC)
  • Fatigues
  • Renegade
  • Robed
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  • RPG Launcher (x3)
    RPG Launcher (x3)
  • Javelin Anti-Tank Missile (x3)
    Javelin Anti-Tank Missile (x3)
  • Portable Phase Cannon (x3)
    Portable Phase Cannon (x3)

At a 20% discount!

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  • No Pads needed
    No Pads needed
  • Eagle Pads [+$3.91]
    Eagle Pads [+$3.91]
  • Marine Pads [+$3.91]
    Marine Pads [+$3.91]
  • Double Curve [+$3.91]
    Double Curve [+$3.91]
  • Heavy Angular [+$3.91]
    Heavy Angular [+$3.91]
  • Single Curve Gothic [+$3.91]
    Single Curve Gothic [+$3.91]
  • Light Angular [+$3.91]
    Light Angular [+$3.91]
  • Epaulettes [+$3.91]
    Epaulettes [+$3.91]

Build a completely customised Mobile Support Squad equipped with your choice of MPAT Missile Launcher, RPG or portable Phase Cannon! Save approx 20% vs the cost of separate parts!

A Missile Support squad consists of Three Heavy Weapon Teams.  Each team comprises two crew with a Launcher and spare ammunition.

The options menus are designed to be clear and easy to use, showing only the choices you need to make to complete your build.

You can also add a wide range of extra upgrade/equipment sprues at a 20% discount to the usual price.

Some important selection notes

Please read the assembly guide below, as the missile launchers with arms are a little tricker to get just right than most of our kits.

Where a Torso option contains 5 torsos, you will recieve an additional torso to make up 6 models.

Heavy Armour Torsos - you will need to trim a little material to get them to fit nicely with the missile launcher arm, and any kneeling legs.

Gothic Void Torsos are NOT easily compatible with the missile launcher system.  We include it as an option for experienced modellers who are confident to remove the right side shoulder frame from the torso before fitting the launcher arm. If you are not sure about your skill level, please don't order these weapons with Gothic Void Torsos.

Grenadier Legs are taken from our Republic Grenadier set. They are an appropriate size for use with regiments models, but were not designed with this range in mind, so there is no waist tab and when combined with a regiments torso you will get a "double belt" effect. We have made Grenadier legs an option due to customer requests, but we recommend the newer legs (Fatigue and Armoured).

Brodie helmets with a wide brim require a little modification to get to work well with the launchers.

We regret that we are not able to make any "special request" changes to the sprues included with your squad. This is due to our move to a live stock system. If you need a different arrangement of parts, please purchase either multiple 5 figure squads, or separate sprues to complete your project.

If anything about the squad builder is unclear, please email  and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Assembly Guidance

For best results, we recommend you assemble launchers like this -

  1. Clean up all parts, removing flash etc.
  2. Dry fit before adding glue, at all stages of the build, so you can correct any problems and check alignment.
  3. Glue the weapon to the launcher trigger/shoulder pad assembly (ie. the right arm), ensuring its correctly seated with no gaps.
  4. Dry fit the weapon/arm to the model with the left arm, ensuring that the optics (held in left hand) mesh correctly with the launcher in your intended pose.
  5. Glue the arm with the launcher to the torso, then glue the left arm to the torso, gluing the optic to the weapon at the same time.
  6. You can glue the torso to the legs either before or after assembling the launcher, but choosing poses is easier if you do the launchers first then pair them with legs.

This product is not a toy and is unsuitable for under 14's. They are supplied unpainted, and will require some preparation and assembly with super glue.

We recommend testing the poses and assembly of each miniature in the set before glueing in place. Some components can be left unglued, be magnetised or held in place with Blu-Tac or similar to allow weapon changes.

For further guidance please see the 'Working with Resin' guide at the bottom of the page.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Scale28mm Heroic
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