Self-Loading Mortar (1)

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  • No Gun Mount Please. Just the Shield!
    No Gun Mount Please. Just the Shield!
  • Heavy Tripod [+£1.40]
    Heavy Tripod [+£1.40]
  • Tractor [+£2.20]
    Tractor [+£2.20]
  • Mobile Tripod [+£2.20]
    Mobile Tripod [+£2.20]
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  • Rivets [+£1.00]
    Rivets [+£1.00]
  • Tech [+£1.00]
    Tech [+£1.00]
  • Eagle [+£1.00]
    Eagle [+£1.00]
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  • Tyres (2)
    Tyres (2)

This product contains:

  • 1 x Self-loading Mortar. (1 Mortar Loading Rack with Shells and 1 Mortar Barrel)
  • A Box of Mortar Shells

The Mortar is approximately 27mm long and 4mm diameter. The lower shell rack is 29mm long.

You can choose to add a Gun Mount and/or Gun Shield if required, at the additional cost shown.
NOTE: The Tractor gun mount is compatible with the Mortar, but it is not possible to position the mortar at a greater than 45 degree angle, so it is more of a direct fire weapon when used with the tractor.
Base not included. You can choose to add a 60mm plastic base if required, or opt to supply your own base.

All Heavy Weapons are interchangeable with each other, so you can opt not to glue them into the Gun Mount and swap weapons between games.

This resin product is not a toy and is unsuitable for under 14's.

Our components are supplied unpainted, and will require some preparation, before assembly with super glue.

We recommend testing the poses and assembly of each miniature in the set before gluing in place. Some components can be left unglued, and be magnetised or held in place with Blu-Tac or similar adhesive putty, to allow weapon changes.

For further guidance please see the 'Working with Resin' guide at the bottom of the page.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Scale28mm Heroic
Scale28mm Heroic
Weapon Attachment TypeHeavy Weapon
Weapon TypeMortar
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