RPG Launchers with Arms (3)

SKU: 34-A-4-x3

Take out enemy armour with the RPG Launcher!

This set includes:

  • 3 x RPG Launchers
  • 9 x Grenades (6 components)
  • Your choice of arm style, with three different poses of launcher arms,
  • Right arm holding a launcher on a strap, and spare parts to make a loose launcher for conversions.

You can use these weapons/arms with any of our Regiments torsos, or with any similar sized popular plastic torso.

These weapons are also available with complete miniatures, in our Regiments Custom Missile Support Squad.

Assembly Guidance 

For best results, we recommend you assemble launchers like this -

  1. Clean up all parts, removing flash etc.
  2. Dry fit before adding glue, at all stages of the build, so you can correct any problems and check alignment.
  3. Glue the weapon to the launcher trigger/shoulder pad assembly (ie. the right arm), ensuring its correctly seated with no gaps.
  4. Dry fit the weapon/arm to the model with the left arm, ensuring that the optics (held in left hand) mesh correctly with the launcher in your intended pose.
  5. Glue the arm with the launcher to the torso, then glue the left arm to the torso, gluing the optic to the weapon at the same time.
  6. You can glue the torso to the legs either before or after assembling the launcher, but choosing poses is easier if you do the launchers first then pair them with legs.

This Regiments product is not a toy, and is not intended for under 14's.

We recommend testing the poses and assembly of each miniature in the set before glueing in place. Some components can be left unglued, be magnetised or held in place with Blu-Tac or similar to allow weapon changes.

For further guidance please see the 'Working with Resin' guide at the bottom of the page.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Scale28mm Heroic
StylePMC / Militia
Weapon Attachment TypeMissile Launcher
Weapon TypeMissile
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